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I bet it bombs...as much as it's a nice gizmo, having human interaction is something that most people look for when they go to a restaurant, besides this isn't going to get ride of anyone, just paper menus. You still need someone to serve the food and make it.
I never go out to a restaurant to chit chat with the servers - I chit chat with my friends and husband. More and more restaurants are already breaking down the server functions. It's not unusual at all for the server to take your order but some other person to deliver the food and take care of the drinks. Even then, a lot of people don't have much of a problem picking up their own food in a budget or family restaurant. It's much faster that way.

People under 30 are especially ready to jettison social interaction in retail and food service. For a really large number of people, the ideal shopping and meal experience means never having to interact with a random live employee. They're happy to be out and about with their RL friends but they don't have any interest in accommodating paid employees if there's another option.

I don't think the old school model of food service will collapse over this innovation but I bet that it occupies a big chunk of the industry in 10 or 12 years time.