I'm an IT guy, systems architect and programmer so I can't avoid google. Besides their technology is done right, open and it's just plain great! I can't avoid google, I have a G2, google handles my voicemails, emails, calendar, contacts, everything!

I think in this particular perverse marriage of Google and Big Government people are looking at it from the side. If Google wants to be a douchey libtard company so be it, but the solution isn't to try and make Google change, it's not the people's company so voters have no say in how it's run. The solution is to make government change, because that's how it's supposed to work. We need a government that wouldn't ask Google to spy on it's citizens. So long as people are going to continue to do things like vote for people who continuously rubber stamp the PATRIOT ACT, the paranoiac behavior of Big Government will remain.