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I'll have to look into that. I might be too late to buy into gold and silver now, but the next time I see a bubble forming somewhere I want to know how to get into it.
I don't think that it's too late. We're still printing money at an astonishing rate, and if interest rates rise at all, federal debt is going to go berserk. Commodity prices are rising, and food prices are especially volatile. If oil increases, and I suspect that it will when the Kuwaitis start rioting (or paying their TCN workers to riot, since Kuwaitis never do anything for themselves), things will get ugly. If Silver doesn't hit $40 per ounce by December, I'll be surprised.

I started buying silver at $15 and change per ounce, against my wife's wishes (or orders). When the price hit $26 an ounce, I showed her that I'd made an average profit of $5 per ounce, and recommended that we continue buying, but she dug in her heels. But, when the currency goes belly up, I will have the Pyrrhic victory of saying that I told her so.