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I was pulled over yesterday and am now freaking out.

I work 40 hours a week and volunteer to teach another 10 hours. So I relax during my one day off a week.

I was leaving a friend's and had just turned onto MY BLOCK when I was pulled over within eyesight of my house. The cop had me step out of the car and then he preceded to tell me my license plate light doesn't work. (Which is true because my older model doesn't even have one.)

He had me step out of the car and do sobriety tests after sobriety tests. I followed my eyes with the officer's pen. Then I walked a straight line. He had me blow into a breathalyzer where I blew a 000. Then he had me balance myself on one foot. It was early in the cold morning (I had smoked a couple of hours before hand) and I had difficulty doing it. Now he had probable cause and searched my vehicle where he found a little weed.

I've never been in trouble with the law before and I'm trying to go to grad school. I'm so terrified that having "Possession" on my record will prevent me from getting aid and getting a good job.
Keep in mind, the back of my garage always has graffiti on it and I hear of burglaries in my neighborhood all the time. However, I never hear of any of these being solved or arrests being made. I hate being poor.
Where to start?

You might not have been drunk, but because of the effects of the weed in your system, you gave all the signs. Your dumb fault you got busted.

cleanhippie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Sun Feb-20-11 12:38 PM
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1. Get a good lawyer.

Sounds like this will be an easy one to get tossed out, but you need to get a good lawyer. Its gonna cost you, but....
Easy to get tossed because you got busted? Plus he's already stated he has no $ you idiot.
But count on Bobbolink to step in...

bobbolink Donating Member (1000+ posts)Sun Feb-20-11 01:19 PM
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23. What does it take for any of you to notice when someone says they are POOR?

Does muddleclass equate to blind?
And enjoy his horrid English.

leftstreet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Sun Feb-20-11 12:40 PM
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4. This is such a no-brainer, s/he doesn't even need a 'good' lawyer
wait for it...

leftstreet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Sun Feb-20-11 12:59 PM
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15. It was a joke


I got a ton of lawyer jokes, wanna hear em?

hollowdweller Donating Member (1000+ posts) Sun Feb-20-11 12:41 PM
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5. Have any bumperstickers?

Sounds like the guy made you for a stoner and then decided he was going to find out a way to search your car.