You know that when the op starts out with "Just so I'm clear with Republican logic..." that they aren't going to make any sense at all.........

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Just so I'm clear with Republican logic...

...simply suggesting the rich pay more in taxes is unconscionable, unpatriotic, and, above all, line-in-the-sand unacceptable - but FORCING the working class to pay more out-of-pocket expenses is not only perfectly fine, but absolutely required? Because bleeding the lower class is going to somehow fix our budget problems more than taxing the rich would? I wish someone in the media would point out this canyon-sized disconnect.

They are OK with forcing OTHERS to pay for TEACHER AND UNION MEMBERS benefits (forcing the 'rich' to pay more for the same or fewer benefits than others-and forcing ALL citizens to pay for TEACHERS and UNION MEMBER benefits),

BUT it's not OK that the teachers and union members pay MORE FOR THEIR OWN BENEFITS.

They think it's OK for those who earn LESS than teachers and other union members to pay for the benefits of the teachers and other union members.

If they think that this rationalization for the protests and keeping kids out of school is going to be a winner they are going to be sadly mistaken.
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2. Astounding isn't it?

And welcome to DU.
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5. In with a bang...

but their "logic" makes no sense to sensible people.

Welcome to DU. :hi:
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9. Ummm...just so you know - the working class are not job creators - they are job doers

and not "entitled" to the fruits of their labor

tut tut



They are so gung ho about taxing the 'rich' and they yell and scream about "where are the jobs" and then they do everything in their power to make sure jobs are not created. If Obama and the Democrats had not started and continued to create so much uncertainty about taxes and regulation our economy wouldn't be nearly so bad. But they can't stand it that someone might have more than they have.