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Lyric Donating Member (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-21-11 01:54 AM
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How long does it take to pass a Constitutional amendment in Wisconsion?

I don't know much about Wisconsin's constitution, but if there's a lot of popular support for getting Walker out of there FAST, couldn't the people of Wisconsin pass an expedited amendment to their Constitution that discards the one-year waiting period provision for recall elections? It would probably have to specifically state that the amendment is effective as of the last election, so that Walker will be subject to it--but I bet that would be a MUCH faster way to fire his ass than waiting almost two years (1 year waiting period, and then almost another whole year for the election cycle) for the recall.

Has anyone brought this up as a possibility? Even if their constitution takes a while to amend, I doubt if it'll take as long as this recall will. Just tossing around an idea.

fizzgig Donating Member (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-21-11 02:07 AM
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1. takes about three years

and there's just something sleazy about that too, let's amend the constitution and make the changes retroactive so we can get what we want...we'd be screaming if the right did it.
But there's got to be a way to rationalize it.....
Lyric Donating Member (1000+ posts) list Mon Feb-21-11 02:16 AM
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3. Citizens exercising their liberties through the political process is never sleazy.

If the right-wing ever managed to garner THAT much popular support for an issue without lying or manipulating the underlying reasons, then no, we wouldn't be screaming. The problem with your reasoning is that the right-wing NEVER does things like this without lies and manipulation. The right-wing is not morally equivalent to the left wing. We aren't playing checkers, where both sides are the same save for their colors--this is deadly serious stuff and lives hang in the balance.

And it looks like there's a MUCH quicker way--calling a real, honest-to-god constitutional convention. It looks like all that's required to call for a CC in Wisconsin is for the legislature to pass a bill proposing a CC, and for people to vote Yea or Nay. It's never been done before, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. :)
But lyric has forgotten something:
Tx4obama Donating Member (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-21-11 02:50 AM
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4. How can that happen when the republicans are the majority in the senate? n/t
Walker ran on fixing the budget and reigning in unions, and he and a Republican congress and senate were elected. Reality bites, doesn't it. Maybe Walker should say, like Obama did (and the left wing applauded and whooped and hollered), "I won".

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