Here's one more example of liberals rationalizing speech that looks to incite violence.

Of course we could post 50 or more threads daily from DU, but this is a good example.


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Dem Rep: "You need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody..." Updated at 10:54 AM

Capuano urges union protesters to get 'bloody' one month after calling for calm
February 23, 2011 12:12 PM
By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff

US Representative Michael E. Capuano, who decried violent political rhetoric after last month’s shooting of his Democratic colleague, Gabrielle Giffords, used some belligerent language of his own at a union rally in Boston yesterday.

"Every once in a while you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary,” Capuano told about 1,000 union workers who were protesting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at a raucous rally outside the State House.

The union crowd greeted Capuano’s exhortation with cheers, whistles and applause.

The rest:
"Get out in the street and get bloody" And how do you get bloody? By inciting violence and then participating in it.

But no, liberals can rationalize anything.
Buzz Clik (1000+ posts) Wed Feb-23-11 01:18 PM
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1. Hm. This doesn't sound like a call to violence to me.

I see it as a call to be willing to take a beating for the cause.
JuniperLea Donating Member (1000+ posts) Wed Feb-23-11 01:22 PM
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4. That's how I read it too...

No way is it a call to violence... but if it's on DU as such, you damn betcha Freepers will do the same.
white_wolf (470 posts) Wed Feb-23-11 01:18 PM
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2. Was he speaking figuratively or literally?

Edited on Wed Feb-23-11 01:19 PM by white_wolf
If the former than I agree totally we shouldn't give a single inch of ground and should fight the Right with all we can muster, however I fear that literal violence even if it is deserved will only serve to harm our cause.
Don't you remember? IT DOESN'T MATTER IF HE WAS SPEAKING LITERALLY OR FIGURATIVELY. One of you LEFT WING LOONS will take what is said and cause a riot or kill someone or something. Then you ALL WILL BE GUILTY AND SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH A CRIME. Right? (heavy, heavy mocking here)

Liberals have long lost any credibility that they might have ever had. They wonder why people pay them no attention other than to mock them.

One good thing.....after this liberals can yell and scream all they want about "civility" but they have lost all credibility on the issue.

They can yell and scream all they want about how conservatives are "obstructionists" when they vote no on liberals pet bills, or filibuster by voting to not allow a vote on a bill but after defending their politicians choice to RUN AWAY rather than vote they have lost all credibility.

These are issues many people are watching because having kids out of school has caught the attention of most people.