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  1. #1 Poll: 63% Of Americans Support Israeli Strike In Iran 
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    Poll: 63% Of Americans Support Israeli Strike In Iran

    WASHINGTON - Some 63% of Americans supports a preemptive Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, should the international community's diplomatic efforts to curb its nuclear development fail, a recent poll held by the Israel Project revealed Thursday. The survey indicated a growing concern in the US of the possibility that Iran would be able to possess actual nuclear capabilities: About 87% of those polled said a nuclear Iran will pose a threat to the US and 96% believe it would be of imminent threat to Israel. Furthermore, 90% said that should Iran possess nuclear weapons it may sell them, or...,7...589235,00.html
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    The other 37% are idiots, and probably either BO supporters or anti-Semites like Gator.
    **** Obama and **** you too.
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