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  1. #1 New meaning for 'high protein' loaf 
    New meaning for 'high protein' loaf

    February 25 2011 at 11:39am
    By Tarryn Solomons
    IOL news pic feb 25 DV gecko


    Yusuf Moses of Belhar says he found a gecko baked into his loaf of bread. Photo: Patrick Louw

    A Cape Town man has an awful TAIL to tell after he found a dead gecko baked into his bread.

    Yusuf Moses, 62, says he sent his daughter’s boyfriend to JP’s tuck shop in Belhar to buy bread.

    Luckily, before they started eating it, he spotted the little sliced up lizard in the slices of bread. Yusuf says his daughter, who had left for work by then, would have made sandwiches with the loaf.

    “On Wednesday morning, when I saw the bread was still neatly wrapped and not eaten, I knew something’s not lekker,” he said.

    “I saw the (paws) of this black thing and realised it was actually a lizard baked into the bread.

    “When I opened the plastic, I saw this really was a little dead animal.

    “I was so (angry) because imagine if my pregnant daughter ate the bread? She would’ve gotten sick. “I immediately went to JP’s tuck shop and showed the shop employer what they were selling. “When I told them I’m going to the papers, they gave me the bakery’s number.”

    Yusuf says he called Kwick Bake Bakery in Bellville South, but did not confront them. He says he merely confirmed that they had supplied the bread.

    Yusuf then approached the Daily Voice with his loaf and caused a stir among curious staff. The Daily Voice called the bakery and manager Ebrahiem Ebrahiem acknowledged its mistake. “The lizard could have been in the flour before it was mixed,” he says.
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    Has anyone called Geico?
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    Did he save 15% on the bread? :D

    What is a "tuck stop?" Do they do tummy tucks & sell bread?
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    Gross i would have thrown a fit over it
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    I wonder how much it will go for on E-Bay?
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
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