Time running out to apply for special stop-loss military pay

Tuesday, March 8, 2011; 6:29 PM

Veterans and service members who had tours of duty extended between September 2001 and September 2009 have nine more days to apply for one-time hardship pay.

Veterans, service members and their beneficiaries may apply for "retroactive stop-loss special pay" until March 18, the Pentagon said last week. Congress extended the program as part of the two-week continuing resolution.

Eligible people may submit a claim to the appropriate military service and receive $500 for each full or partial month served in stop-loss status because of the involuntary extension of a tour of duty.

Pentagon officials estimate about 145,000 service members, veterans and beneficiaries are eligible to receive payments, but only about 78,000 have done so thus far.

Eligible individuals should visit www.defense.gov/stoploss for more information.