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Well, that gets back to the diversity argument. To date, I've seen no correlation between brawn and brains. If police departments only hire people who get the highest scores on math tests, then say hello to officers Yang, Sung, O, Takura, Chopahuyradhurarama, and Chan. Would white or black America really enjoy being policed by an all Oriental or East Indian police force? Doubtful. So somewhere between an exact match and significant representation is the happy medium.

If one judges from movies and television, what was America's opinion of the brainpower of the Irish policeman?
No moron. Civil service tests work this way. The top 5 scores (not applicants) are eligible for an interview. You might have 10 applicants in that mix. The person that scores the lowest out of the top 5 scores has just as a good a chance. I have seen this happen in many cases. You should really SFTU cause you don't know squat about civil service hiring.

In the case of the police officers taking this test, you could not get enough blacks while scrapping the bottom of the barrel. In other words, they are not enough blacks to pour piss out of a boot that could pass a test that had already been dumbed down. You can not be that stupid to understand that a 58% on a test is equivalent to being severely not qualified. Even the NAACP chapter head agrees with me.