As Muammar al-Qaddafi's regime shows growing confidence after retaking a strategic town near Tripoli following days of relentless shelling against rebels, Arab foreign ministers meet in Egypt to discuss a no-fly zone over Libya. Do you think America's military should be used to help create a no-fly zone over Libya?

Should U.S. Forces Be Used to Create a No-Fly Zone Over Libya?
Maybe -- I'm concerned about Americans being put in harm's way, and of another Middle East conflict. 7.21% (2,332 votes)

Yes -- It's important to limit Qaddafi's military options, and give the opposition a fighting chance. 30.05% (9,718 votes)

No -- This would be one step short of war, something we don't need right now. 59.93% (19,380 votes)

Other (post a comment) 2.81% (908 votes)

I voted Other. I would like to see some of the Arab countries step up to the plate and enforce this. Egypt and Saudi Arabia both have modern Air Forces. I would not be against helping, as long as we were not the main ones providing.