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I've lost track of this with the Japanese catastrophe. And first i've seen this topic. The Rebels. Are they Al Qaeda backed? Are they even Libyans?
They're Libyans. Probably have some al Qaeda support, along with the Muslim Brotherhood (remember that their spiritual leader demanded Qaddafi's murder).
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True. Using political/military capital to sway one side or the other side is a no win proposition. Just let these heathens kill each-other. The more the better.
I'm truly amazed that Obama was able, very quickly, to manage to make himself look even more ineffectual than I thought possible, by demanding that Qaddafi lay off his people, then talking about a no-fly zone without actually moving any of our assets into the necessary positions from which to enforce one. He's managed to demonstrate that a petty dictator whose air force consists of aging Soviet-era crap is beyond our capacity to decisively engage.