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Voters have short memories. The whole lot of Democratic Presidents since Truman has been a bunch of wimps and foreign affair incompetent boobs. I did not expect any improvement from the community organizer.
Kennedy was the exception, especially during the Cuban missile crisis. I give him a ton of kudos for that. If faced with the same problem, Obama would fold like a cheap tent. That said, this is what happens when you hand over the reigns of the most powerful person in the world over to a guy who never led so much as a lemonade stand in his life. And no one asked the right questions: What makes him a leader? What are his qualifications to be a leader? What has he ever led, in his life? Hillary Clinton, with all her faults, at least sat on the board of directors of a major corporation. But this country was so hell bent on electing a black man that they bypassed electing a real man. This is why I believe that in order to be president, you should have served in the military because judging by our last 2 Democrat presidents, they are ill equipped to handle such matters. Clinton destroyed our military and intelligence communities to the point that we were so discombobulated after he left, we weren't looking when we took a huge sucker punch on 9/11 and Obama is doing more of the same but being more Carter-esqe in his handling of such matters which is dangerous in it's own rights. Under Carter, Islamic jihad movements grew some balls. Thankfully, Reagan castrated some but Clinton gave them back. We need someone who's not afraid to crack some heads.