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True. The employees are the ones with the most expsoure.

When I worked for ALCOA we had a water tank that we put aluminum slabs in that would end up being "honey combed" for airplane wings...we had to x-ray the entire surface and do an ultra sound scan of each one...but that helps to keep the plane in the air, so it was not a waste of time... So next time you fly, look out at the wing and ask yourself "did Rob fuck up?" :D
Very doubtful, you f....up cause the film is heavily scrutinized and read to make sure there are no weak links.
The 3 months I worked at Ingalls shipyard as an assistant radiographer was one of the easiest jobs I ever had. Made good money, free housing at the Holiday Inn and a generous meal allowance. It was only a temp job. Several months later, Shilstone Lab. asked me to go work on the silos in or around Vegas. I turned it down cause I had just gotten into the golf business.