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    Downright dissapointing, I must say. Well, at least she included "and so," but I was hoping for much better.

    I asked my Republican Client about the Palin choice for McCain, and this is what he said....
    Advertisements [?]I was in San Francisco today, doing the books of one of my long time clients. This guy listens to Rush and calls me a Berkeley Liberal. Anyhow, he's a small business owner who sells wares purchased by the Defense Dept (calebrating devices), which is his primary reason for loving the Republicans. Actually a very nice guy save his political views (and I have been doing his accounts for years and years).

    And so, when I asked him about his candidate's VP pick, he said, "Isn't she great?" and seemed happy with her.

    Later I asked, "do you really like that pick?" He had been for Romney for Prez although lukewarm.

    He responded, "Well, he didn't have much to pick from."

    I said, but isn't that like McCain picking Britney or Paris, because he only picked Palin because she was a woman. This means he made his choice based on politics only, not governance.

    I asked if he had seen the Obama Speech. He said, that he hadn't yet, but he liked the choice of a Stadium for the speech (he was being sarcastic, as he was advancing the "celebrity" meme).

    I told him...Look, I want you to watch the entire Obama speech when you have a chance. It is not an ideagologue's speech, I wasn't about Democrats vs. Republicans, Liberal vs. Conservatives, it was about the future of this country. I told him that I thought he would like it.

    Then he said....Well Obama's the most liberal Senator in congress...
    to which I responded, "according to National Review, who always makes the Democratic Nominee 'most Liberal' every 4 years.

    Then he said...well Obama supports waiting till the baby comes out and wants to call that OK as an Abortion.

    He has never expressed interest in the social issues, so this must have been his last battle cry.

    I told him, that's not what he supports. He just supports that a mother's life is put first before that of a fetus. I said, and anyway, no one is for late term abortion, as long as there are measures to safeguard the life of the mother.

    Anyways, he did promise to watch at the Obama speech....

    The point is this guy is one of the worst. And yet, I believe that the more I talk to him, although he may never vote for Barack, and he will vote for McCain.....I don't think that he will die if Obama became President...because he is no longer calling him a Muslim or the Antichrist.

    That better than nothing, I guess.
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    FrenchieCat (1000+ posts) Fri Aug-29-08 10:54 PM
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    2. I only see him once a month.....
    which means I only have two more times to turn him.

    But I'm getting them used to the idea....because sometimes weird things happen in the voting booth.

    Today, I showed him and his wife some photos of my beautiful Black daughter and her new tall and handsome Italian-Irish husband at their wedding (they just got married last month). I told them that they were planning on having little Obamas. LOL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KingOfTorts View Post

    Downright dissapointing, I must say. Well, at least she included "and so," but I was hoping for much better.

    On edit: At least we get a little bonus bouncy...
    Sadly bland - she didn't even convert him....DU is in meltdown mode so it must be interfering with their creativity. I'm hoping they'll pull themselves together by next week and entertain us with some truly over-the-top convention bouncys.
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