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  1. #1 Roboroaches: Students Prepare to Control Roaches With Remote-Control Brains 
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    Here's something a little more interesting than the same, tired frog-and-worm dissections for your high school science class: an electric backpack that you can jam into a cockroach brain to turn the bug into a kind of organic/cybernetic remote-controlled car.

    That's the idea behind Roboroach, a product being developed by Backyard Brains, a company trying to find new and inexpensive ways to get practical neuroscience equipment into high school classrooms.

    Hmm... adolescents and remote controlled cockroaches, what could go wrong? :D
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    It's clever, and probably a good idea to use in places like restaurants and produce markets, where there is food out in the open.

    Otherwise, call Orkin. No other exterminator can do the job as well. WMU found this out the hard way, after several cheaper exterminators were unable to eliminate the cockroaches and the silverfish from our dorm. Orkin worked.
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    It's not like you're going to be fooling a lot of people with this guy.
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