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    Quote Originally Posted by linda22003 View Post
    My husband says the descent began not with women voting, but with the self-starting automobile. Then women could go anywhere they wanted. :D
    sadly, he's probably correct ;) :p :D
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    I'd probably have gone with Jefferson Davis back in 1860.

    As for the list presented, I pretty much agree. In 1960 I'd have gone with Nixon.
    Then, Republican to 1968.

    1968 was my first time voting. I voted American Independent Party - George Wallace.

    In 1972, I voted for Nixon, and would vote for him again. I've voted Republican in every Presidential election since, even biting my lip til it bled in 2008 to vote for mccain.

    My reason, I haven't seen a democrat that I liked or agreed with since becoming eligible to vote.
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