The veteran British actor, best known for his role as Alfred Pennyworth in Batman movies has sadly passed away...

His third wife and close friend, Anneke Wills, said: "As his body was deteriorating this week, he said that he wanted to hang on for St Patrick’s Day. And he did, just. In the end... there is only love." Michael Gough leaves his current wife Henrietta, his daughter Emma and sons Simon and Jasper. His grandchildren Samuel and Daisy are also actors. He was 94.

Later roles

His later roles included Alfred Pennyworth for director Tim Burton, including Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). He also reprised his role as Alfred in the 1994 BBC radio adaptation of Batman: Knightfall and in Joel Schumacher Batman films, Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997). Gough was one of two actors to have appeared in the four Batman films; the other actor was Pat Hingle (as Commissioner Gordon). Gough worked for Burton again in 1999's Sleepy Hollow and 2005's Corpse Bride. He also briefly reprised his Alfred role in six 2001 television commercials for the OnStar automobile tracking system, informing Batman of the system's installation in the Batmobile. As a favor to Burton, Gough came out of retirement once more to appear in Burton's Alice in Wonderland.