"Hispanics make up 59% of population in 32 states"

This banner was under some guy named Montenaldo who was talking about the impact of Hispanic voters, and Harry Reid and immigration issues.

Apart from the fact that the quoted is an outright lie, and one which is being promoted (Anglo Saxons are an old and dying people soon to depart this world after being the culture and people of hate and violence for 2000 years) , are we to believe that Americans of Spanish speaking ancestry have some common cultural calling to allow all manner of mass immigration to the US?

The only people I see supporting open borders with Mexico and points South (not including Cuba) are illegal aliens and their supporters who tend to be young Anglo-Saxon and "other white nonhispanic" (You know who) people who are getting trained in Acquired Mental Defective Syndrome at American in general and Californian in particular schools.