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  1. #1 HEY DU;Australia says hi 
    ..and wants to let you know that EVERY SINGLE SICK THING you have said about Sarah Palin is being blogged by media bloggers and every US expat and US citizen living here that we can reach.

    EVERY US citizen that votes will be able to see every single revolting word you have said..and they will then adjudge you, and the Democrats accordingly. You and Kos, and HuffPo are free to smear and abuse and denigrate her as much as you like...just be aware that every word you say is being sent on.

    We're talking HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of go ahead and do your worst. Every time you open your yap...thats one more US citizen who will see you for what you are.

    Payback's a bitch, aint it?
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    How do the Aussies feel about the pick Sonna?
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    How do the Aussies feel about the pick Sonna?
    See for yourself

    1: Small town America that elitist Obama attacked during the primaries.

    2: Working Moms with kids, working Moms with a handicapped kids. working moms with a husband who has done physical labour to make a living.

    3: Woman still smarting over the treatment Hillary got from the Dems

    4: People who see a politician who was NOT afraid to take on her own party to break the old boy network and expose corruption

    5: Conservative voters who like the example she has set regarding her views on abortion.

    6: Blue collar white voters who see a family who has got somewhere through hard work by both parents.

    6: Taxpayers who see a politician who returned state money to the tax payer instead of spending it on grandiose projects

    7: People who cynical about the power of lobbyists and been a great economic manager.

    8: Someone who has more experience in actual government from running a small town (great grass roots training) to governor of a state which is MORE exeperience than Barack Jesus Obama has had

    9: The governor of an energy rich state with a realistic view about drilling oil.

    10: Someone who can look Biden in the eye and confront a Washington insider who plagiarised his speeches and is from same old, same old political machine.

    11: Someone who is a smart debater and is not intimidated by the media or male politicians

    12: Someone who is not tied to big city media elites, celebrity
    culture, Hollywood stars. In other words somebody with whom they can identify.

    13: A straight talker about real issues.

    14: Somone who actually had a real job before she went into politics.

    15: Someone who got there without the machinations of vast political machine.

    16: someone who has never been connected with crazed racist preachers, terrorists turned university lecturers, corrupt convicted slum lords, looney fringe groups

    17: a smart, articulate, honest, good living politican who happens to be a woman. NOT BAD FOR STARTERS.
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    Andrew Bolt is an Australian conservative blogger, and he has commented extensively as follows

    PALIN, frankly, looks like the America that many Americans who actually vote would like America to be. She seems warm, photogenic, up-and-at-them, patriotic, with a family story that spans the son in the army and the loved child with Down syndrome she refused to abort.

    AS A CONSERVATIVE, a mother and wife of a blue-collar worker from Alaska, she perfectly allows McCain to present Obama and Biden as the voice of the metropolitan elites and Washington insiders, with all their fine speeches and applause from abroad, while the McCain team can present as the voice of heartland America.

    SHE is strong on drilling for oil in Alaska and on energy security - and intimitaley understands an issue thatís been a big winner for the Republicans.

    AND sheís a new story, unfolding like one with a happy-ever-after end. Obamaís story has been so endlessly recycled that itís a narrative of change looking for a change of narrative. Palin is the fresh story, the change, voters may well be looking for.
    All that said, significant risks remain. Palin is indeed desperately underqualified to be president, should the worst happen to McCain. She is the pick of a presidential candidate seeking to win an election, not govern a nation.

    Note:If you go over there to comment, be on your best behaviour. Andrew runs a tight ship, and his readers like it that way.
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