What a crock. He has been here many times!

DainBramaged (1000+ posts) Fri Jun-06-08 09:59 PM
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I stumbled on a Reich-wing website
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Called (name removed to protect the innocent)(I will NOT post a link).

They have 297 members.

They are "holding their nose" and voting for McSame, and they are frustrated with Booshe (many regret voting for him, but out of 297 members, 3 or 4 is many).

"This is a serious question: Tell me 3 things that Bush has done well. I will credit him with excellent SCOTUS picks but not much more."

What a sorry ass rip off of DU.

That is all.

I had to add this little gem

Obama and all who follow him are Communists and are dedicated to the overthrow of America and all it stood for in the past when we actually had real conservatives.They will take our country apart and turn it over to the UN to administer and gut as a real republic.The real goal of Soros and company is to weaken America to the status of a second world country ,loot it and inflate the EU as the only strong world power.

Stupid is as stupid does!
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we don't post about CU here
Be Warned, SwampRat (the Internet's least talented artist) has run out of green.