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  1. #1 CNN Breaking: Cruise missiles land in Qadaffi compound... 
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    You mean like this...
    itsrobert (1000+ posts) Sun Mar-20-11 07:41 PM
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    36. Junior fought his daddy's war and Obama is fighting his dad Reagan's war

    How far Left does one have to be to even think of that connection?
    Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.
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    We could say they are spending like drunken sailors. That would be unfair to drunken sailors, they're spending their OWN money.
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    Was waiting for this one...

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    42. Haven't we now violated the UN Resolution again?

    The all-too-broad permission was to protect civilian lives, not for us to assassinate Qaddafi, aid in toppling his regime or have the French attack armored vehicles that are involved in fighting with organized, armed combatants.

    Do we believe in laws anymore, or just the ones we find to be convenient?

    Doesn't this bother people other than the ones who were already against this adventurism?

    Followed by...

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    Response to Reply #42
    43. Involved with fighting organized armed combatants?

    Ghaddafi is that you?

    That convoy was on its way to the city of Benghazi to murder a bunch of civilians who have taken arm to defend themselves against the regime of Ghaddafi and other mercenaries.

    It actually bothers me to see Ghaddafi apologists spewing bs all over this message board with no knowledge or inclination to admit his atrocities.
    Gee, any time we explained why we took out a group of fighters heading in to kill civs. they hated this response.
    Klaatu barada nikto
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    isn't it Qaddafi?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fettpett View Post
    isn't it Qaddafi?
    Spelled more often with a G, but what is more important is why is he still just a colonel?
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    Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
    Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
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