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  1. #1 John McCain is a typical testosterone poisoned pig 
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    ResetButton (1000+ posts) Sat Aug-30-08 03:35 PM
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    John McCain is a typical testosterone poisoned pig
    Could you imagine having this fool as your dad? He's probably such a warmonger because he's pissed about having a tiny dick...


    I await the throngs of outraged DUers coming to heap scorn on me for my sexist remarks

    <More Crickets>

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    Res ipsa loquitur
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  2. #2 This morning I talked with a friend 
    and we are going to flood the internet with the DU url so that anyone and everyone can see what type of people the Democrat party absolutely filthy they are and mentally deranged they are.
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    mvd (1000+ posts) Sat Aug-30-08 12:23 PM
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    6. Locking
    This is making your point in a very inflammatory way.

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    Fun's over.
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    I am curious as to how ResetButton gained his knowledge on the size of McCain's penis.
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
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    they all seem to have an obsession with penis's over there..

    any time something or someone they don't like, they attribute it to someone having a small penis..

    maybe because they all have one? who knows...:D
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