In case anyone hasn't been following along, Kookcinich said the other day that Obama going into Libya was an impeachable offense. The DUmp has exploded over this whole Libya business. There are the "no war at any cost" types on one side and the "Obamessiah at any cost" on the other, and then there are the Dennis is my hero types on one side and the folks who immediately heaved the former hero of DU over the gunwale on the other. And things have definitely gotten heated in the pro-/anti-Dennis camps. Nothing too terribly fierce: no one has bothered mentioning how he single-handedly bankrupted Cleveland, for example, but there are plenty of folks who are calling him a kook and whatnot.

In the middle of all of this, there are the PDS-addled DUmmies who are just obsessed with all things Palin. This is particularly funny to me, because they all keep griping that they are mad as hell that Palin is in the press, that they don't even want to hear her name, and yet the moment anything, no matter how trivial, crosses their screen with the word "Palin" on it, they scurry to the DUmp and start posting away about it.

And then there's this very odd bit of cognitive dissonance;
CrossChris (172 posts) Tue Mar-22-11 10:31 AM
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Did anyone actually call for Pres. Obama's impeachment, or do people just wanna go after Kucinich?
I've never seen someone like Kucinich referred to in such vile terms.

In all my conversations with Democrats over the years, I've never heard anyone refer to him with any hatred or vitriol like I'm seeing today. I know people who think he's a little far out, and who disagree with him. I know some people who think his lack of polish hurts his ability to sell people on liberal ideals.

Never any hatred, not like I'm seeing today. It's very, very strange. Am I missing something? Did he flat out call for Obama's impeachment? Educate me as to why I should be as upset as most are today about what Kucinich said.
Never seen such vile terms? Good Lord! Just mention the word "Palin" over there and there's a freaking tidal wave of every imaginable obscenity and sexist remark, but someone calls Dennis a kook and this pearl-clutcher has never seen something so vile.

Holy crap.