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  1. #1 Wars are good when someone with a "D" next to their name starts them 
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    Wars are good when someone with a "D" next to their name starts them

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    Think about how well we did in that Vietnam thing! Hoo-rah! We sure showed them!

    And Kosovo - we taught them who's the boss! Go JOE!

    I just wish all those pesky innocent civilians wouldn't keep getting in the way every time we try to spread freedom dust

    They just don't know which way to turn
    Lets just paint some happy clouds over at the sunshine and lollipop land
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    Moonbats want something to stop the civil war in Libya ... but not really

    The Rebels should be making out their wills or find a way to sneak out of Libya; with the Moonbats on their " side " they are doomed.
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