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Assuming this isn't total bullshit, I wonder what's going to happen when this assholes application is sent to the "Circular File" for its due consideration???

Fly by night (1000+ posts) Tue Mar-22-11 11:08 AM
Original message My Presidential pardon application is finally on its way. (Thanks, all y'all)

Edited on Tue Mar-22-11 11:14 AM by Fly by night
This morning, I went to Kinko's and found a big enough box to hold my pardon application and assorted supplemental material, including my published paper, "Mobilizing communities to reduce substance abuse in Indian Country" and a copy of the documentary, "UNCOUNTED: The New Math of American Elections". It took a second box to hold the 170 original, signed, notarized character references I have received from professional colleagues, government officials (including 14 TN legislators -- House and Senate, Republican and Democratic; as well as officials from Delaware, Illinois and Wyoming), neighbors, friends, election integrity and medical marijuana activists and a dozen homegrown DUers.

Last week, I sent ten of the strongest support letters on ahead to be hand-delivered to the Oval Office, the V-P and a former DNC Chair. The Office of the Pardon Attorney has responded to my technical questions about the application very promptly, for which I am grateful. I was also thankful to be allowed to submit extra pages to explain my crime, my life-long relationship with "illegal smiles" and my reasons for requesting a pardon. If any of y'all want to read those essays, let me know and I'll PM them to you.

Now it is time to get back to editing my book on all this -- "My Hollow Tale: Reflections On A(n Interrupted) Life". I have one publisher wanting to sign a contract but I want to speak with a few more before doing that.

And there is always the Garden. Found an incredible pile of aged mule/horse/goat manure a few miles from home that is there for the taking (and the loading and the hauling and the unloading.) My Garden rows and ridge-top of blueberries will benefit from a day's work by me -- and I will too.

Thanks, guys, for your support over the past month and the past seven+ years. Now keep your fingers (and toes) crossed. It is long past time for a medical marijuana convict to be pardoned. If 170 people have anything to say about it, it might just be me.

Y'all come. Peace out.

Interesting choice for a screen name no???? :D