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MadHound (1000+ posts) Wed Mar-23-11 07:43 AM
Original message So, we shot off 2.5 billion dollars in a blaze of Tomahawk missile glory.

The official replacement costs of those cruise missiles we fired off is 225 million. But that doesn't tell the whole story. By conservative estimates, for every dollar spent on actually purchasing a weapons system, another ten dollars is spent over the lifetime of that weapon, maintaining it, deploying it, storing it, etc.

Thus, 225 million dollars quickly becomes 2.5 billion dollars blown just on one missile barrage alone.

2.5 Billion dollars, that number seems familiar Oh, yeah, that's the amount that Obama has proposed to cut from the LIHEAP program. Hope those people can stay warm next winter in the afterglow of that missile barrage.

2.5 Billion dollars, hmm, that would fully offset the proposed cuts to Federal special education programs for the next five years.

2.5 Billion dollars, hmm, that would offset the proposed cuts in HUD programs that help house the homeless, for the next 2.5 years.

2.5 Billion, hmm, that would provide a lot of housing vouchers for returning veterans. Of course that program is now scheduled to be gutted.

On and on this list goes.

But instead, we chose to fire off that 2.5 Billion dollars in a blaze of glory, and the only ones who are going to benefit from that brief blaze of glory are the fine folks at General Dynamics and Boeing.

Like they really need the help

Get your ungrateful asses behind him!!!! He's saving "Brown" peoples!!!!!!