SUV Saturday?

Oil has reached another record level per barrel. Gas is now, or will soon be, $4.00 or more per gallon.

My Big Ole Dodge has a 35 gallon tank.

We're in the $140.00 to $150.00 a tank of gas range. I mean, $150.00 a tank? I pause and reflect.

This thread isn't about policy, or the Middle East, or blaming anyone. Shit happens. You deal with it.

I love to drive. I love to go. I love to go places and see things. I have 3 vehicles. The aforementioned Big Ole Dodge, and two Hondas, an Element and a CRV.

All are 4wd or all-wheel drive. (I live off-road.)

I have parked the Big Ole Dodge. 14 mpg? Nah. She's beautiful, but she's parked. I run her a couple of times per month just to keep everything lubed and working, but she will sit. The price of gas is cramping my admitedly limited sense of style.

The two Hondas get about 30 mpg and 34 mpg, respectively. Not bad.

Remember, this is the Lounge, so I'm not getting deep and serious here about politics and supposed pofiteering or whatever; this is asking about your life and habits. How will your life change if gas goes significantly higher in price?

I remember when I was a kid that whatever vehicle we had carried my parents to work, carried us to town on Saturday and church on Sunday. That was pretty much it. We didn't go out and get pizza on weeknights or rent movies. I rode the bus to school.

And no harm done.

I said "SUV" Saturday because the SUV has become, in the mind of the Left, a bogeyman. The root of all our evil. The gas wasting polluting SUV. A sort of Godzilla on wheels. City folk can afford to think that way. If you live out in the hinterlands, as I do, and the weather and the roads are sometimes an issue, then maybe that fact will be reflected in your choice of vehicles.

I have to go to work, as does my wife. We drive our Hondas to work. Get pretty good mileage. We get about 32 mpg average and drive front-wheeled drive 99.99 percent of the time, and have 4WD when we have snow or mud. (And we have the Big Ole Dodge for when it really gets bad.) We get groceries, go to necessary errands, and beyond that, we just stay home. Even with decent mileage, we are driving less.

I know, I have been rambling, but here's the actual TOTD: If you do have to drive less, what would that mean to your day to day existence? How would you deal with it? What changes would that entail?

I didn't ask about how that would make you feel because at CU I think we actually deal with things, and at DU they talk about how it makes them feel.

This is a little early for Saturday because I have to be at work early on Saturday. And I'm :D