Problems with calculating food storage?‏
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My wife and I have opened up one of our #10 cans that we have in our food storage and have occasionally been eating from it. Itís a really good creamy potato soup mix. So good, in fact, that we had some friends over the other week for dinner and prepared some for them, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Anyway, eating it got me thinkingÖ ďIf I had to live off just this soup mix for an entire year, how much would I need?Ē 2 servings is enough to fill you up until your next meal. So, based on that, Iíd be OK in saying that if need be, I could live off 6 servings a day for a year, right?

6 servings a day = 2,136 servings for 1 year

I could buy enough of that soup to last for 1 year and Iíd be fine, right? WRONG.

You see, the problem with calculating food storage according to SERVINGS is that you wont get enough CALORIES. 2 servings of creamy potato soup mix is 220 calories, which would equal 660 calories a day. You canít survive on 660 calories a day. Youíd wither away!

So while it may be tempting to think, ďAwesome! Iíve got 2,136 servings in my food storage! Iím ready for a yearĒ, keep in mind that you need 2000-3000 calories a day. Donít think that just because youíre belly is full that youíre getting all you need.

And remember, your body needs a lot of different types of nutrients, not just potatoes.

A Highly Recommended Website

For those of you who would rather buy stuff from the grocery store than get dehydrated or freeze-dried bulk food storage, I found a fantastic webpage that was just updated March 1, 2011 with a 1-year emergency food supply list. The list has each itemís quantity, total calories and cost. Also included on this webpage is a detailed explanation of the foods in the list. Please check it out, print it out and take into consideration some of the suggestions therein.
Interesting website for preppers. :)

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