The bouncy balls are really starting to fly at the DUmp. This one is so stupid I'm speechless:

"Ken and Barbie" are not amused......

Edited on Sat Aug-30-08 01:34 PM by monmouth

I'm in my West Palm Publix this morning looking at the various news headlines. It's been raining cats and dogs and in strolls "Ken" and "Barbie" from Palm Beach. You know they're from Palm Beach, (and Repukes), they reach for the "Shiny Sheet" (their society paper). "Ken" has donned his cashmere sweater with the arms tied in a neat knot across his chest, perfect for monsoon-type rains. Such poseurs. Anyway, "Barbie" picks up a copy of either the NY Daily News or Post, I couldn't see, but the headline had a pic of McLame and Palin on the cover with "WOW" on it. I started to snicker, "Ken" gives me a look that could absolutely kill. I know from experience that these types of wealthy repukes cannot stand to be made to look foolish or incompetent. Of course, McLame is making all repukes look foolish these days. How could they have chosen this guy? How far down has the party fallen?

Anyway, he's looking at me, and I'm really being a smart-ass/wise-ass, holding the look. Remember I'm from Jersey, 'tude is in my DNA. He looks back at the paper after giving me his best "disgusted with the lower class this side of the bridge" he must tolerate. In my very best Chris Matthews voice, and I must tell you I am proficient in this.. I go...HA! I then saunter (rear parts in working order... Jersey girls know how to do that too, no matter what age) to the Customer Service counter and casually look back. "Ken" has thrown the NY paper down and one more time gave me the kiss of death. I tell ya folks, if the guy (probably in his 70s) had been locked and loaded I would not be typing this. Made my day, I smiled all the way home...HA!