BREAKING: Qaddafi Compound Struck Again, According to U.S. Military Commander (2nd time)

Just breaking across FOX now. Second time that the Qaddafi compound has been struck. Unknown if Qaddafi was present.

Despite strikes by foreign forces and calls by President Obama to withdraw, Moammar Kadafi loyalists are stepping up efforts to put down the rebellion.

U.S. fighters destroyed two missile sites around Tripoli, and allied planes also hit a government ammunition depot outside the city of Misurata and Libyan army ground forces around Ajdabiya. But the air campaign, now in its fifth day, so far has not succeeded in halting Kadafi’s forces from carrying out attacks in several cities where rebels remain.

Jeffrey White at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a policy research organization focused on the Middle East, said that despite predictions by President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates that the U.S. would hand off command of the air campaign to European allies soon, it appeared to him that the “seriousness of the situation is increasing, not decreasing.”

U.S., allies attack targets across Libya but haven't stopped Kadafi

Col. Muammar Kadafi's forces intensified attacks in opposition-held cities, creating panic in the town of Misurata, even as U.S. and allied warplanes broadened their airstrikes across the country, U.S. military officers and eyewitnesses said.

Despite the increasing presence of allied aircraft overhead, Kadafi has rushed to put down the remaining pockets of the rebellion that has threatened his rule.

In the rebel-held town of Misurata, government forces resumed their assault Wednesday evening despite allied airstrikes for the second day on the outskirts of the city.

Witnesses there said Kadafi's tanks closed in on a large medical center used to treat the injured and as a gathering point for the opposition. Rockets fired by Libyan units have landed within 100 yards of the facility,683960.story