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Cyrano (1000+ posts) Wed Mar-23-11 03:12 PM
Original message Is America broken beyond repair?Many of us know that far too many know-nothings hold positions of power.

Many of us know that corporations own everything but our hearts and minds.

Many of us know that Limbaugh and Fox “News” control the votes of fools.

Many of us know that Bush/Cheney destroyed the United States Constitution.

Many of us know that we have entered a new dark age.

Many of us know that we might not see a “new birth of freedom” in our lifetimes.

And finally, many of us know (or at least suspect) that President Obama is an empty suit.

It is – perhaps -- that last statement that saddens me most. At a time when enlightened/inspired leadership is most needed, it’s just not there.

The America in which I grew up, served for in the military, and in which I tried to further liberal causes, no longer exists. My sadness may be greater than my anger.

Gee you Super Genius, we've been telling you that since before the election. Morons.