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support the troops.

if you don't support the commander-in-chief you cannot support the troops. if you are critical of the mission you only undermine our men and women in uniform and give the enemy more propaganda to fight us with.

i learned a whole lot from the bush years
Oversimplification to the point of absurdity. Nobody says that the Commander-in-Chief or the mission cannot be criticized. In fact, the only way to win a war is to learn from mistakes, adjust and drive on. The people who demonized Bush and did everything that they could to undermine the mission, by giving aid and comfort to our enemies, repeating their propaganda as facts (John Kerry, Dick Durbin, John Murtha, etc.,), advancing their cause (International ANSWER, Michael Moore) and even giving them money with which to buy arms (Code Pink) crossed a line. When you make up charges of atrocity against us, or lie about how we conduct ourselves in combat, you contribute to that.

Now, I will say that I support the mission. I am sworn to do so, and I will not allow anything to prevent me from doing so, but it would help if someone at the top would explain just what the mission is. I mean, I don't care for exit strategies, but it would be nice if we'd had an entry strategy.