The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), a leftist Latino rights group, is launching a campaign to get members of Congress to sign a pledge opposing “irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric toward Latinos,“ reinforcing Hispanics as ”an integral part of the fabric of America, and vowing to denounce “politicians who dehumanize and scapegoat Latinos.”

(Watch video of La Raza protesters screaming “Nazi” and “racist” at the Arizona attorney general.)

Besides affirming the importance of Hispanics, the document, part of the Pledge for Respect campaign, also includes a clause that members of Congress will “meet with advocates and leaders from the Hispanic nonprofit and business communities to hear a Latino perspective on the issues and to find areas of common ground based on our shared values and interests.”

In order to sell the pledge, NCLR hired the Latin funk group Ozomatli to create a PSA-style YouTube video. In it, the group uses scare tactics to make it some some wacky campaign ideas are mainstream political thought.