Spoke Larry Johnson, No Quarter, to hear the scuttlebutt from Army circles around Ft. Bragg that the NATO meeting some 24 hours ago did not proceed to harmony. The NATO chief Rasmussen made remarks about some states being difficult and quickly, it is reported, the German and the French representatives left the meeting in annoyance. Soonafter, the Italian representative demand that either NATO support the coalition war-making or else the offer of the Italian airfields is withdrawn. Today, Turkey repeated this formula in its own fashion, declaring that NATO must take over the operation. Turkey also offered to mediate between..

Day four of the bombing campaign made clear to both Europe and the US audiences that there is no mission, no plan, no command and control, no exit plan, no victory measure. Am told that US four-star General Carter Ham at Stuttgart, commanding Africom, understand his task as to protect Benghazi, no more that that. The so-called rebels are safe from Q forces at Benghazi. If and when the rebels go outside of Benghazi, they are on their own. The warplanes also strike at coastal ports associated with Q's weapons and assets -- under the general exlanation that they are degrading the Q fighting force.