This did not make the news, but it fits in with other stories that at least were barely reported on. I will tell it as I was told it.

I was at my local branch of Chase today making some transactions. I have a number of accounts, and therefore know a few of the folks there. I asked the teller in passing if they had heard the news about SEIU’s Stephen Lerner’s plan for an orchestrated union and community organizer action against Chase in May, with the hopes of precipitating a financial meltdown and national anarchy. Several other tellers also heard my question, and they all said that they had not heard about it, but that they they had undergone an “attack” or “protest” by SEIU at their branch last Friday.

I later went to talk to one of the senior persons about another matter, and she asked what I was talking with the tellers about that created so much discussion. When I told her, she gave the details of the SEIU action. A week ago she received a call from a person to “warn” her that SEIU would be showing up to force their way into the branch and “get the manager” the next day, in protest for Chase supposedly not paying their Washington State “B&O” tax (Business & Occupancy). The caller told the senior person the time they would show up, and that there would be similar actions at Chase branches throughout the county and some surrounding towns. The caller stated that they would charge in and “occupy” the branch, and that they planned to have to be dragged out by police.

The next day (last Friday) van-loads of what she described as “really despicable people” - “like a crowd on a Jerry Springer Show,” wearing purple, logo’d SEIU shirts, and carrying crudely made signs, assembled outside and made a rush for the front door. It had just been locked, fortunately, by a security guard they had called in, just in case the warning from the day before was real. Several of the protesters tried to force their way through the door by breaking it down, but were unsuccessful. They were described by the woman as “vicious”, and they stayed quite some time screaming angry and intimidating/threatening taunts at the staff inside, especially at the senior woman who was photographing them through the glass door. Police had been called right away, but never showed.

I did not find out if the “protests” at other branches ever materialized. When I asked if it was ever reported in the news, I was told it was not. I got the impression, though she never came right out and said it definitively, that she suspected there were people there to photograph the police hauling the protesters out of the bank, but that such possible media types chose not to have the event make the news because it didn’t go the way they were hoping.

Anyone else hear of such tactics elsewhere?