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Fri Jun-06-08 04:07 PM
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Hints of 'time before Big Bang'

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Source: BBC

A team of physicists has claimed that our view of the early Universe may contain the signature of a time before the Big Bang.

The discovery comes from studying the cosmic microwave background (CMB), light emitted when the Universe was just 400,000 years old.


The CMB is relic radiation that fills the entire Universe and is regarded as the most conclusive evidence for the Big Bang.

Although this microwave background is mostly smooth, the Cobe satellite in 1992 discovered small fluctuations that were believed to be the seeds from which the galaxy clusters we see in today's Universe grew.


Dr Adrienne Erickcek, and colleagues from the California Institute for Technology (Caltech), now believes these fluctuations contain hints that our Universe "bubbled off" from a previous one.

Read more: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7440217.stm

This is going to give the YEC's fits.
Unproven and unprovable conjectures don't give YECs fits, but it's nice that yet another DUmp monkey turns yet another thread into a Christian-bashing thread.