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  1. #1 Jane Smiley At HuffPost: Right-Wing Offers Woman Who Reinforces Patriarchy 
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    Jane Smiley At HuffPost: Right-Wing Offers Woman Who Reinforces Patriarchy Rather Than Challenges It

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    Have no doubt that a McCain presidency will be a disaster for the future of the United States. As DUer jmowreader says: The intent was to appeal to the fundamentalist AND, I would say, the fundamentalist-sympathetic vote, by putting "a dominionist into the transfer spot. Then, when McCain decides to stop being president because of 'reasons of ill health' in three or four months, a Christofascist who thinks the birth control pill is a form of abortion is in a place to do something about it."

    Make Her Whine

    Posted August 30, 2008 | 01:48 PM (EST)

    Already the Democratic pundits are worrying about whether to attack Sarah Palin -- will it look like bullying? Will it make voters sympathize with her? Will it make voters identify with her and vote for her? Women are supposed to lay off her because -- she is a woman! The thinking goes that we can't question her choices because women's choices are sacrosanct. Nor can we investigate her life (beauty queen, Christian Dominionist, links to Ted Stevens, childbearing history) because those are private issues. But what Sarah Palin shows is that once again, the right wing is adept at turning the women's movement upside down and offering us a woman who reinforces patriarchal power rather than challenges it. Palin is another Margaret Thatcher or Ann Coulter, a woman who attaches herself to men in power and then does them one better. She uses the freedom that the women's movement has brought her quash the liberation of women with other views than hers. The bitch is in there, as it is with Coulter and Thatcher and Katherine Harris. The Democrats have to bring that bitch out and she has given us the right to do it.

    There was much more...Smiley is one of the most hateful of the leftists. I recall an article of hers in which she absolutely bashed and trashed her own family in I recall, written right after they'd hosted her for a few days. A typical lib.

    Another thread

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    How can the republicans actually take McCain's VP pick seriously?

    Advertisements [?]I was watching Lindsey Graham speak about her last night and he was going on and on about how great she is going to be Now you know if this was someone on the Dem ticket, he would be spinning backwards with negative comments.

    I feel like I have just stepped into the Twighlight Zone. We've had eight years of an inexperienced president. There is no way we can let this happen again.
    I suppose Roses wants us to reelect Bill Clinton, or Jimmy Carter. Otherwise, we'll get an inexperienced president regardless.

    Loved this reply...

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    2. Palin is Big Oil's puppet. They LOVE her for her unthinking,
    unquestioning obedience to her husband
    I wonder what news article mentioned this?

    In actual dollars, President Obama’s $4.4 trillion in deficit spending in just three years is 37 percent higher than the previous record of $3.2 trillion (held by President George W. Bush) in deficit spending for an entire presidency. It’s no small feat to demolish an 8-year record in just 3 years.

    Under Obama’s own projections, interest payments on the debt are on course to triple from 2010 (his first budgetary year) to 2018, climbing from $196 billion to $685 billion annually.
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    Politics is dirty but it sounds like the loony left is really grasping at straws here.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    So, her non-Republican husband who fishes for a living part-time and has some kind of a line job at an oil company is letting her get away with saddling him with a bunch kids while she trots off to pursue a career at the national level. Some patriarchy-loving babe she turned out to be.
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    A woman who attaches herself to men in power? The OP must be talking about Hillary Clinton because I'm unaware of any man Sarah Palin "attached" herself to. These people are delusional.
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