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Williamsburg is expensive, and the kids will be bored out of their minds, unless they're total history geeks. It's set up so that parents think the kids will love it (and I love it) but the kids pretty much drag around, getting hot and bored, and can't wait to go back to the hotel with a pool. Plus, it's a fake town. Think of Disney builds history.

I agree on Mt. Vernon...I loved that place.

I guess I was a total history geek as a kid, because I loved it. Part of the reason was because I played the violin and one of the stops I made was at the violin maker's shop, and I got to see how they were made. I also liked the book binder, and the candy shop.

It's not all a fake town, some of the buildings are restored or preserved originals, like the old capitol building and the governor's mansion.

But I'm also a road side america fan-I love kitschy tourist traps. One of these days, I'll get to South of the Border.