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  1. #1 Italy's policy of displaying crucifixes in its public school classrooms. 
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    15-2 decision in Lautsi v. Italy:

    The Court stated clearly that the crucifix is a religious symbol, that atheism is a protected religious belief and that public schools must be religiously neutral. But the Court held that a "passive display" of a crucifix in a public school classroom was no violation of religious freedom particularly when students of all faiths were welcome in public schools and free to wear their own religious symbols. The Court held further that Italy's policy of displaying only the crucifix was no violation of religious neutrality, but an acceptable reflection of its majoritarian Catholic culture....

    This could be interesting if arguments go forward about freedom of expression of religion in schools progress.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apocalypse View Post
    an acceptable reflection of its majoritarian Catholic culture....
    As it should be. A democracy should never be a forcing the will of the minority onto the majority. It should always be just the opposite. Everyone has a say, then the majority rules. Italy got it right.
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