Anti-war left has trouble convincing Obama followers to protest Libya involvement
By Jeff Winkler 3:54 PM 03/28/2011

Life ainít easy for an anti-war liberal.

President Barack Obama launched air attacks against Libya eight years to the day George Bush sent bombs over Baghdad. Back in 2003, the lefty site ďflexed [its muscle with] Ďvirtual marches,í in which tens of thousands of protesters jammed Senate and White House phones, fax machines and e-mail boxes with antiwar messages.Ē Originally founded to encourage the public to ďmove onĒ from Bill Clintonís sexual escapades, repositioned itself as a heavyweight in the early 2000s anti-war movement.

This time around? A little less than a week after the attack, has articles bashing ďOut-of-Control Republicans in Wisconsin,Ē but hardly a mention of the bombing in Libya. Well, there is a post noting that John McCain called Muammar Gaddafi an ďinteresting manĒ on Twitter two years ago. So much for moving on.

After Obama addresses the nation tonight about the governmentís recent intervention in Libya, perhaps the left can coalesce around a message. Itís hard enough when the administration wonít call the action a ďwar,Ē but anti-war groups with a traditionally liberal bent are having a tough time rallying those who so adamantly opposed Republican President Bushís war.

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