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    Doesn't take much training to be a garbage man but at least they get paid for it.
    You don't see too many women fighting to get into jobs such as garbage collection, coal mining, sewage work, etc. The glass cellar is pretty safe from feminist lawsuits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wei Wu Wei View Post
    Doesn't take much training to be a garbage man but at least they get paid for it.

    Even so, whether it's culture or sex differences or whatever, you're right that almost anyone could learn to do those "basic skills", but even though anyone could do them it still is done mostly by women.

    It may just be a coincidence that women just happen to end up doing the most labor that is paid the least, but when you keep getting that consistent result, it's something to think about.
    Why aren't there more female trash collectors? It's low-skill, it pays well, and the hours aren't bad.

    Because most women dislike any kind of work that is dirty, semi-dangerous, involves heavy physical effort, and happens in all kinds of weather. Just because women have worked in fields and tended animals doesn't mean we have an inclination for it.

    Why do women care for children, old people, pets, gardens, and friends? Because we would literally do that for free if work didn't interfere. Most women are genuinely rewarded emotionally by those pursuits. Picking up garbage or being in middle management doesn't offer the emotional and relationship rewards that most women seek if all things are equal.

    I can't get anybody to work in chemistry or modeling for free. Nobody will clean the toilets or change the light bulbs in here for free. Nobody will clean the snow off the parking lot for free or create a database for me for free. Only a guy would look at world of work and see only economic opportunities and strategies for maximizing personal ambition through ladder-climbing. A lot of women who can afford to work only part-time prefer that arrangement for a number of reasons.
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