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The story of George Washington & Fort Duquesne is one of my favorites. I have told that story to many people over the years. It actually is a pretty funny story, and about 15 years later George will use his French contacts against the British. But for now - at the age of 21-23 - George considers himself a loyal British subject.

Do not, as you read, overlook the fact that George was 6'4" tall in an age where the average man was closer to 5'6". His regal bearing, towering height, and silent manner all contributed to his success. When he walked into a room people must have thought, "Who the hell is THAT?"
there is some debate on his height, he told his tailor that he was only 6' and he was VERY meticulous about the details he gave his tailor. but even at 6' he towered over people (I'm 6'4 myself so I know what that feels like)