The college senior in Colorado felt cheated when for $23 per page she ordered a custom-written term paper from a Twin Cities company and it wasn't delivered on time.

Never mind that she was cheating by passing off a paper written by a stranger as her own. She complained to the Better Business Bureau about, owned by Jordan Kavoosi of Farmington.

"I ordered it, and they were supposed to have it back to me within four days," she told the Watchdog. "I constantly emailed. Nobody replied to me. Then (Kavoosi) calls me and says under no circumstances am I going to get a refund."

It wasn't the first complaint filed against the company, which has resolved most of

those registered with the Minnesota BBB.

But President and CEO Dana Badgerow calls Kavoosi an "entrepreneur who is skating on the thin edge of legality, and for sure he's plunged into what we think is unethical behavior." ...

It's hard to pick out the least deserving of the two here. :(