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There is too much emphasis on self esteem. We are teaching people to find worth in what other people think of them. So when the fat kid gets picked on because he's fat - he internalizes that he is worthless because of the opinions that other people have about him. I'm not now nor have I ever been a fan of self esteem.
There should be more emphasis placed on self esteem. As a teacher, you have to be bullshiting me. Kids need to be told that they are okay and ecourage them to have confidence in themselves and their abilities.

BTW, what would you tell a fat kid that was getting picked on all the time. I would tell him to take a self defense course at the YMCA. The next kid that picks on you, beat his ass, and that would give the fat kid confidence and much self esteem. In the process, he might lose weight. Let me hear your solution.