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  1. #1 Microsoft files complaint against Google 
    Microsoft files complaint against Google

    By TONY ROMM & MIKE ZAPLER | 3/31/11 6:22 AM EDT Updated: 3/31/11 10:59 AM EDT

    Microsoft asked European regulators Thursday to go after Google on antitrust grounds, accusing the search giant of trying to “entrench its dominance” on the Web.

    It’s a major escalation in the war between the two tech titans.

    Microsoft and other Google foes say Google’s powerful search engine and its move into other markets — from advertising to mobile phones to travel — has stunted industrywide competition. Google has described itself as under siege — the victim of a Microsoft-led “anti-Google industrial complex.”

    In an early-morning blog post Thursday, Microsoft executive Brad Smith said the company’s European Commission filing accuses Google of having “engaged in a broadening pattern of walling off access to content and data that competitors need to provide search results to consumers and to attract advertisers.”

    Smith offered a litany of examples of what he describes as Google's anticompetitive practices — arguing, for instance, that Google has disadvantaged competitors in video search, promoted its search boxes through exclusivity deals and sought to leverage its size over competitors in the neophyte e-book market.

    "We readily appreciate that Google should continue to have the freedom to innovate. But it shouldn’t be permitted to pursue practices that restrict others from innovating and offering competitive alternatives," Smith said. "That’s what it’s doing now. And that’s what we hope European officials will assess and ultimately decide to stop."

    “We're not surprised that Microsoft has done this, since one of their subsidiaries was one of the original complainants," Google officials said in a statement. "For our part, we continue to discuss the case with the European Commission and we're happy to explain to anyone how our business works."
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    Gain control of your own country. Anoint yourself ruler and immediately take command of all military resources. Use the military to commandeer all of the country's financial resources. Be somewhat benevolent or you may find yourself shot in your sleep.

    Form friendly allegiances with as many countries as possible. Infiltrate their social and economic infrastructure until you dominate their culture and economic productivity. World domination is best achieved quietly. Use military action only to free oppressed people from oppressive dictators. They'll barely notice when you become their new dictator.

    Build military bases in allied foreign countries. Offer military protection to all countries in need. Create joint military task forces with foreign powers but ensure that only your generals have the power to make any decisions.

    Infiltrate unfriendly countries with persuasive individuals, a.k.a. spies, that advance your culture. Build discontent with the status quo while developing an armed rebel alliance. Convince the rebel alliance to topple their government for you, offer financial and military assistance to the new leadership.

    Keep the excesses and bad habits of your family members out of the public arena. Live reasonably and express concern over the environment, poverty and freedom. Be seen as a ruler who merely wants to make the world a better place, not a despot with the goal of world domination. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    Exert global domination publicly only if absolutely necessary. Rule the world privately but completely. Squash those who oppose you by discrediting them. Allow students to challenge authority but corrupt the best by giving them high-paying jobs and a pleasant lifestyle. Acknowledge condescendingly, that youth is merely a time of rebellion.

    Rule the world. Revel in your success at world domination. Play life and death games with your friends, family and perfect strangers. Die knowing that your name is engraved on public buildings. Well, at least until the next evil genius figures out how to rule the world.

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