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    Electoral College changes

    The 2010 Census changed the Electoral College vote apportionment for the Presidential elections from 2012 to 2020 in the following states.

    States in blue represent states that gained votes. States in orange represent states that lost votes. These changes would give the Democratic Party a net loss of six electoral votes in typically blue states, while the Republican Party will see a net gain of six electoral votes in typically red states. Votes allocated to remaining states remain unchanged from the national total of 115.

    If States vote along historic party lines, Blue States still hold 242 Electorates, with Red States holding 181 Electorates.

    Primary and caucus dates

    May 15th Nebraska Primary - 35 Delegates
    May 15th Oregon Primary - 28 Delegates

    Here is the current Candidate to date list with Delegate count won.

    Democratic Party

    Republican Party

    • Mitt Romney, former Governor from Massachusetts (Officially Running)

    Socialist Party USA

    • Stewart Alexander, activist (Officially Running)

    Green Party

    • Kent Mesplay, Green Party activist and air quality inspector from California (Officially Running)

    Libertarian Party

    • GARY, ROGER V activist and former elected official of San Antonio, Texas (Officially Running)

    • R. Lee Wrights, former Libertarian National Committee Vice-Chair (Officially Running)
    • Gary E. Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico (Officially Running)

    Prohibition Party

    • Jack Fellure (Officially Running)

    The Reform Party

    • Buddy Roemer, former Governor from Louisiana (Officially Running)

    Withdrew Candidacy

    • Ron Paul, U.S. Representative from Texas 5/14/12


    Official candidate websites

    Democratic Party

    Republican Party



    Socialist Party

    Prohibition Party

    The Reform Party

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