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We ran a moderate in 08, how did that work out for you?
When you run moderates the conservative base stays home. We need a conservative with a charismatic personality.
Because of several factors. #1, a Republican would have fought an uphill battle no matter who they went up against because of the negative publicity Bush got in later years not to mention the trouncing the GOP got in 2006. #2, the GOP failed to capitalize on the correlation between the bursting of the housing bubble and the Democrats re-take over of the houses of congress. #3, the nomination of Sarah Palin as VP candidate. When she was introduced and did her famous speech at the RNC, McCain actually inched ahead of Obama but then they allowed Palin to speak. I like her, however, with each interview she did, she sounded as stupid as liberals accuse conservatives of being. Granted, those interviews were vastly skewed but she failed to take the bull by the balls and sounded like a yahoo from a backwoods state. In other words, her handlers did not prep her well. #4, the Democrats did a better job of getting out the vote gaining not only a near unanimous black vote, but gained a bigger pie of women and first time voters(Bush actually got more of the first time voters in 2004, backfiring the Democrats on this), and the Hispanic vote. #5, McCain didn't do enough of a good job of distancing himself from Bush. I could go on but I believe my point is made.

In 1980, the reason why Reagan won as convincingly as he did was because Carter had so screwed things up, people had no choice to vote for Reagan. And the Iranian hostage crisis was just a final nail in the coffin. What the GOP needs to do this time around is play up Obama's failed promises:

Gitmo-Still open
Afghanistan-Still going on
Iraq-We're still there
Healthcare-Turning into a nightmare for Obama
Cap & Trade-dead in the water
Economy-Been as stagnate as a mud puddle and jobs aren't getting any better.