So many are surprised that President Obama would bomb Libya. And now, he's authorized covert operations.

How odd! How Bush!

Wasn't Obama the anti-war, "we're sorry for everything" president? The man who condemned any kind of American military intervention?

Well, here's how it all changed.

A couple of years ago, Obama said that he believed in American exceptionalism just as the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism and the British believe in British exceptionalism.

In other words, he really didn't believe it at all. That's when it all fell apart.

Soon, Obama started repeating "the world is watching" whenever bad crap started happening, like in Iran.

He was right. The world watched and did nothing.

He then discovered that the world is just like the perverted priest in "Crimes of Passion," all it does is watch.

So Obama learned that exceptionalism is real; the world goes limp without America at the lead. To reject this is like being a star player who prefers to ride the bench, texting his bracket picks.

See, "the world is watching" means nothing if America ain't doing. And "doing" sadly often means "bombing." The "kinetic action" in Libya reminds the world that Americans can do this stuff. When the world forgets that, bad stuff happens.

Which means, sadly, we are the world's policeman, because we are exceptional, we are the best. So why not embrace this notion instead of fighting it?

The world may hate us, but that's because we're beautiful.

Or at least I am.

And if you disagree with me, then you are a racist homophobe.